National Training and Conference of the Arts in Zimbabwe (NATCAZ)was founded in 1994, and got registered in 2004 (Reg.) as a non-profit arts, culture and heritage organization to build a unique rich and creative, world-class cultural nation, with opportunity for all. There by providing valuable economic benefit that can be measured through cultural tourism, event admissions, sales of items associated with program activities and increase in retail sales of local products and services as a result of these activities. In recent years, NATCAZ has approached difficult questions and challenging engagements with a creative and innovative spirit. This commitment is indeed one of our strengths. We lead Zimbabwe in cultivating and sustaining the arts, culture and heritage as essential to all learning through creative experiences, spark discovery and inspire lifelong learning. In this endeavor, we strive to stimulate deep, lasting, generative impact. Motivated by the creativity, innovation, collaborative spirit of artists, musicians and traditional bearer, and inspirited by the irresistible emerging traditions in communities around us. We provide leadership and expertise, to individual artists, arts organizations, learning institutions, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, local municipalities, corporate, and Government in demonstrating that arts, culture and heritage are essential to human capital development. We have witnessed the potential for arts, culture and heritage to enhance community economic and development


Promoting cultural democracies, celebrating the diverse cultures of Zimbabwe with communities at safe public or private cultural spaces and enhances intercultural dialogue.